Vistas in the Columbia River Gorge - Plus Lassie and The Flume

The following are some shots taken in the Columbia River Gorge at different times during my travels through this great natural beauty.
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This first one is taken along Hwy 14 in November from Cape Horn on the Washington State side of the river. Looking east you can see Beacon Rock an 848 foot basalt monolith.

A scary sight. An oil train derailment in Mosier, Oregon. Luckily it was contained quickly and an environmental nightmare was averted. Not to sure how smart us humans are sometimes. :)
Taken from HWY 14 near Underwood WA across from Hood River OR in the month of June. The Hood River draw bridge can be seen in the foreground. It connects Hood River with Bingen/White Salmon across the Columbia River.

The Washington side of the river near the small town of Lyle. Taken in November from Rowena Crest Viewpoint on old HWY 30 in the state of Oregon.

Late August shot of Mt Hood over The Dalles OR. Snapped this while tooling along HWY 14 on the Washington State side of the river.

Drano Lake on the Washington side. It is formed by backwater from the impoundment of the river at Bonneville Dam. HWY 14 and the railroad tracks run between the lake and the river.
The cut in the hillside, center left of picture, is where the old Broughton Log Flume use to run. An episode of Lassie was shot there with her riding the flume. There is still some of the wood from the flume to be just barely seen on the hillside and in the trees.
YouTube Lassie rides the flume.

More Broughton Flume info

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Photos taken by me with a Nikon D3300 and CPL filter with some Lightroom post processing.

Thanks for looking and enjoy your day!

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stunning Shots @oldmans, that first one is just beautiful xx

08.08.2019 15:11

Thank you! It is a wide open view of the start of the gorge.

08.08.2019 21:50

These are all awesome views, but after a deep look at all photos I have decided, that I like the last one most - the photo of Drano Lake. It's the curve of the hill and the clouds above, which looks great in my eyes.
Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos, @oldmans 😊

08.08.2019 17:23

The hillside does have a nice smooth sweeping line. I hadn't really noticed that before. Nice eye. :) I always liked the early fall colors starting to turn and the white clouds in the blue sky. You are welcome and thank you for stopping by @johannpiber!

08.08.2019 22:11

Your landscapes are so wide, so huge and beautiful. Our landscapes and mountains here are not less beautiful, but smaller, more compressed somehow ;)
It's always a pleasure for me to see new photos from you, Bill.

09.08.2019 05:47

I am fortunate to live in an area that has a lot of huge open natural beauty. I just have to get out there and try to record it. :)

You do magnificent work yourself so I consider your pleasure with my photos high praise. Greatly appreciated Johann!

09.08.2019 15:25

You're much welcome, and I thank you very much too. Have a great weekend 😊

09.08.2019 16:34

You too. :)

09.08.2019 18:48


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