Yet Another Sepia Saturday

Oh what a week.

Perhaps I should say oh what a miserable week! In many ways for so many people. When H1N1 caused so much havoc in 2009, I certainly dont remember all of this closing of everything.


Perhaps we have learned out lesson. The US in 2009 H1N1 epidemic had 60 MILLION cases. Let's hope we are not any where near that again this time.


This is a real sepia. I have not idea of when it was taken, but I am betting at least 75 years ago.


This is of course my photo of it. Funny I had not seen the original when I took this one, so the perspective is of course not exact, but I think it was close enough. Lets have fun with it :)


Well I am not sure what the best way forward yet is, so for now I think I will cross post while I have coins still on here. Everybody be safe out there. It is getting more nuts by the day!

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22.03.2020 02:14

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22.03.2020 02:14

Oh, you caught me! I posted a Caturday instead of Sepia, but, it's all good! You got us covered!

It has been a week, but, you are keeping it all normal for us, posting the regular and keeping it balanced. It has been a little challenging to keep it all normal, especially with the news blaring corona 24/7 - Now if they would spend as much time entertaining me, all would be well.

It has been a time of getting things done around the house, especially my spring cleaning, which I think I would be doing even if it were in the middle of winter. Oh, the germs! Yikes.

Well, we will navigate this one too, and hopefully, become close r instead of being torn apart. I know we can do it.

The view from the balcony is beautiful as are those timeless sepia beauties. It was peaceful to sit and chat, watching the water and the birds, surveying the neighborhood from your perch. Even if I didn't have on my flannel jammies with running shoes.. Yikes. The fashionistas will be after you!

Have a great Sunday!

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