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Seems like yesterday a person I knew recommended I try the Sony noise canceling WH 1000 x m3 headphones. I really liked them and just bought them a month ago. They are perfect for canceling noise really well. Plus they are comfy and I fall asleep with them all the time! However, they seem a bit bulky when working around the house. They are however, perfect for listening when that is what you are mainly just doing.


So I decided I needed some ear buds. I have the corded Samsung ear buds, but this time I wanted to go cordless. The obvious choice were the Samsung Galaxy Buds+! Not overly expensive, these are just about right for listening when active.

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Oh yeah these are sweet! Just like my Sonys you can use your finger to work settings. They also have a nice mic and you can use Alexa. The coolest thing ever is they are synced immediately and seamlessly as soon as you open the case!!! 😀


You get 11 hours out of a charge. Then you can pop them back in the case for one more charge... Did I say they are wireless! Or tap your phones battery wirelessly by setting them on the back for a charge. The case doesnt have to be charged to give the buds a single charge.

BTW three minutes charge will give you 1 hour of playing!


Now that is where this bad boy comes in. You can just toss them on the wireless charger! I got it right on the shelf by Lola so I can charge at anytime. Not only will it charge the buds case, it will charge my phone as well - just like a wired fast charge!


These were just shipped today and I thought it would make the perfect Market Friday post - Covid 19 style. Of course a big shout out to the shopping Queen @dswigle that works so hard on making Market Friday so much fun every week.

Now this final thing will really make y'all jelly... Dont hate the playa, just hate the game. You can all call me 2Packs now 😝😂🤣


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Whoa... i kind of decided i need one pair of earbuds. I have a set of wireless earphones with microphone but not comfy when wear for longer period.

09.05.2020 05:40

I just bought those Sony phones on your recommendation. I was wondering whether to wear them when I was painting the balcony door - seems a bit overkill, plus I will inevitably get paint on them - here you are, 2packs, with a solution 😂

09.05.2020 08:10

I love my Sonys, but they are best without a custom paint job LOL!

09.05.2020 15:41

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09.05.2020 11:00

Perfection. Earbuds to put in and rock out... or enjoy a symphony. Enjoy them!

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