Look Up On a Tree Tuesday

I am kind of stealing this idea from #dswigle where she combined a Monochrome Monday with a Tree Tuesday for an outstanding post here


Look Up On a Tree Tuesday

So this was my view this morning, way too early this morning I might add... (pandering for some sympathy votes here lol) It was a typical grey dome. If you live in Michigan you know what I am talking about, but the name of our winter and too often summer existence may escape you. It was some time ago when someone moved here from out of state moved here. They asked me, being a lifelong resident, how do I cope with living in a grey dome. I replied I had no idea what they were on about. The person kindly replied living in Michigan is like living in a grey dome. Suddenly a light bulb went off for me as I had never thought of it like that before. We DO live in a grey dome!


I mean talk about dreary! And just think it is not just a one time deal...it goes on for days and days!!! Always the same. Dreary. So, what is a photographer to do? Such days are not well intended for producing good photos. So one must always try to think creatively. The whole lemonade from lemons kind of thing right..


Look up is one thing I try to do. In other words always try to change perspective. It can really change the look and feel of your photos...and perhaps your spirits as well :)


Just a tilt up of the camera got these two treetops with some nice space between. Not the best shot ever taken mind you, but you do with what you have.


Playing with the temperature of the shot kind of put it on a nice blueish matte.


Of course I always like how mono brings out the details.

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I always look up! I don't want to miss the best part of the day!! I love combining efforts here!

Thanks for the mention :) It is greatly appreciated.

No matter how gray you get, you have a killer house and lake... Just saying. I am not sure Virginia is ready for an @Old-Guy-Photos!

Great shots, despite your dreary day!! Have a fabulous day!

Upped and Steemed


15.01.2020 06:25

Ha! Dont you worry Sunshine, I am bringing my hair dye and Geritol with me :P Isnt that the old folks vitamin LOL? Oh it kind of ruins a joke if you are not 100% sure you got it right. Dang it, I swear it used to be Geritol. Just wait to see all the photos I will be taking when I get more than 15 sunny days a year! lol.

15.01.2020 08:09
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15.01.2020 06:26

I would give you sympathy for being up way too early but I had to start my day at 3:45 AM. lol

15.01.2020 09:57

Pfft I am still editing by then lol

15.01.2020 15:32

That final golden sunset on the water with the duck would make a fine framed print.... get that mercy made.

18.01.2020 00:04