I Love White Castles - BUT...

I woke up to a rather nice morning... It was not that early yet it still had the golden hour color.

20200109_082754 (1).jpg

I had some running around to do, so I decided to treat myself to a little bit of heaven...White Castles lol.


Now I know not everyone has a White Castles in their backyard. They are just a regional chain, yet you can find them frozen in many store. Of course the frozen are no comparison to a steaming hot one!


I am quite the White Castle fan. So much so I even made this video describing them...

It was not overly packed inside...Hmm I wonder why???


Now I do not get to go to White Castles very often, but I have to say there usually is more folks in there at any given time!


Today I noticed that a White Castle cheeseburger now runs 95 cents! Maybe I am a dinosaur and behind the times and all, but dang that seemed like a lot to me. I have no idea how long they have been at that price, and I am not even sure about what food counts at other place, but seemed kinda expensive for what it is.


Six tiny burgers and a small fry, with no drink was 8 bucks?!? What happened to White Castles being a cheap eats place!


It was good though, so we got that much for it lol.

Well I am going to try this new @ocd community on the beta Steemit site again. The issue I had the first time is, I am used to placing tags with the enter key on Busy. I learned real quick that actually posts the post lol. Going to try to set a beneficiary to support the @sbdpotato burn initiative again as well.

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Great sunrise pics 😍

10.01.2020 04:54

I tried that once years ago when we were out visiting Chicago. I thought the burgers were pretty good and they reminded me of the Hamburger Stand. At that time the Hamburger Stand burgers were around twenty nine cents each so my friends and I were into ordering around ten of them at a time. That would usually fill you right up for cheap and maybe you might have some left over for a snack. (I'm not into eating that much at a time anymore thankfully, lol.)

10.01.2020 05:11

Well the hamburgers are 10 cents cheaper than the cheeseburgers I should say. Still I would love to see them 29 cents again. That was probably back when gas was a buck!

10.01.2020 08:33

We had White Castles in Connecticut when I was growing up. I remember that they were really cheap!

Hey! I don't know when you made the video, but, they were the same price then. You looked at your receipt and said, not bad. :)

Now, that same price is expensive... Hmmmm... Do we need to take a vote on this?


10.01.2020 06:32

Hmmm. That means I must be getting older, or poorer, or God forbid -BOTH! LOL

10.01.2020 08:30
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10.01.2020 06:32

For a US Burger, those look tiny!

10.01.2020 06:45

Yep totally right. That was their trademark difference, plus they were not wrapped but come in a little box. They are steamed not fried which is unique too :)

10.01.2020 23:44

We affectionately call them "Belly Bombers" in my neck of the woods for obvious reasons!

While a box of store bought frozen White Castle burgers contains six (three packages with two per pack) costs roughly $5 and aren't as delicious as fresh ones, they do work in a pinch -- especially if you add spicy pickles slices and a hit of spicy mustard.

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend! @old-guy-photos

10.01.2020 14:03

Frozen is better than none. I know many folks will never have the chance for the real thing, so frozen gets them in the ballpark anyways.

I havent been to a Burger King but they used to have a dollar menu where a nice sized burger was a buck. Just seems like Castles is not the place for us cheapskates like it used to be lol.

10.01.2020 16:04

LOL! Jack in the Box tacos even went up from 2/$1 to 2/$1.29! I'm so old I can still remember when they cost 4/$1.

Not a huge burger person to know about Burger King's prices. There is always Taco Bell's dollar menu though 🌮💲🌮

10.01.2020 16:16

I love me some Taco Bell tho! I like the grande meal which was I think a dozen soft tacos or bean burritos for 10 bucks or so. Not a bad deal. Some of those fancy burgers at Micky D's or Burger King are insanely priced!

10.01.2020 23:42
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