Friday - With a Side of Doom and Gloom


So the view from the bedroom is a bit on the drab side. Such is life in Michigan 8 months out of the year. Ha. So I have to admit to being a bit on the cynical and snarky side today. Can you blame me with all the major BS that is going on daily on our beloved platform.


When the weather is well...less than perfect, it is easy to fall into a funk. Often I feel like I am trapped in a light bulb, especially when some are seemingly trying to lessen our enjoyment of Steemit. So it is Friday again... Market Friday that is. Gee dont Fridays seem to come around about twice a week lol. It seems to be always knocking at the door, and my stash of decent Market Friday content is always severely lacking! Yet I try to persevere, and cobble together a Market Friday post solely for the fun of doing so. Thankfully our own Steem Queen and passionate Market Friday enforcer, (you better be sure to post inside her hive) the lovely @dswigle works so hard at making Friday a special Market Friday experience every single week!


Yes I know inquiring minds want to know. (That was most likely a phrase from before your time, google it.) I am in fact a boxer kind of guy. Loose fitting is always better than all tight up in the junk. Perhaps that is what is wrong with the world these days?


This is my ancient about 20 year old pillow. It was once fluffy and nice, but it has been mashed down over the years in to an inch thick hard slab. Being just a tiny bit thrifty, I hate to spend any cash on trivialities.


However, even I have my limits! Oh yes it was time to splurge! Yes indeed, going all out :)


Can you see the difference in thickness?


I also decided to get some headphones. I figured it was not an overly smart idea to try mixing music with five year old Skullcandy headphones that have been through the wash a few times lol.


My friend talked me down for the Bose 700's. These are the Sony WF 1000 M3 and costs about 125 bucks less, but to me, did a better job of noise canceling.


The cups are large enough to go over my ears just right. However I prefer the Sennheiser velvet-like soft cloth materiel better than the leather-like stuff.


I like the copious amount of head cushion at the top.


I also like I can just put one side on, without having to wear the headset.



I think the hard case is a real bonus, so you can easily take these around all stored securely!


Have a great weekend

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07.03.2020 00:48

Cheer up Spring is on the way they say...Like all your new stuff. Cheers 😊😼

07.03.2020 02:03

Nice buys, Paul. Love that old pillow lol

07.03.2020 03:50

are the headphones in your store @old-guy-photos? I'm looking to buy some headphones, would please me if someone other than Amazon benefited :)

07.03.2020 11:25

Yep they are. Isnt this a real deal we have going on here with all the drama! It is exhausting lol. Hope you are doing good!

07.03.2020 17:12

I was too excited, I couldn't wait and bought some in town this afternoon (it was my birthday yesterday)! I had been wanting to get some for a week or two now for editing sound, so it was good to get a recommendation 😎 I'm good, not getting too involved in the drama, just keeping an eye on things, hope you're okay, too. Any news on moving?

07.03.2020 17:20

Oh I like the new headphones, and pretty cool you can just wear them on one side, you will have to demonstrate that on screen so I know exactly how it works because I cant visualise it. lol

07.03.2020 11:27

Lovely view, I wished that I live near a river or lake like you @old-guy-photos
Its nice that you had replaced your pillow LOL, I bet that you can sleep like a baby now :)

07.03.2020 18:43

Some good buys there for sure!

08.03.2020 08:06