First Time Market Friday in the New Hive!!!


It is the dawning of a new day! Yes communities is one of the major changes to happen to our blockchain in ages. I know it is going to take a while to get used to it. These are indeed exciting times, and the creation of the Market Friday community is a great addition to our site! So I wanted to start off with a word of congratulations to @dswigle on her new community. I know how hard she works at making sure all posts are visited and commented one with a truly authentic comment. Well done Denise. I wish you the best in your new endeavor!

Dont forget to join her other new community called Always a Flower, as well.


Recently I was up in Birch Run, Michigan. One of the major draws to Birch Run is the HUGE outlet mall. If you have never been to an outlet mall before, this is what it is like. Basically imagine a sprawling mall made of stores that can be entered from the outside. There is building after building of individual stores each by a big name manufacturer.


So whether it is Lindt...


With loads and loads of truffles at marked down prices... You know you are getting a good brand name product at good prices!


Sun Time.jpg

Since this is Market Friday and such, here is my quick commercial...Would you do the Old Guy a favor and give a listen to my latest tune I just dropped on Spotify? It is free and means so much. Or you can say, "Alexa play Time Rules All". I would so appreciate it :)

Today we are at the Colemans store.


Where even with things marked down, OMG, that is still a bundle of cash to the Old Guy! YIKES



They seriously have a little bit of everything, including the longest flashlight I ever saw LOL!!!


Even clothes on clearance for 92 bucks LOL. Although I am sure I would look dashing in it, I had to pass it by :D


Have a great weekend!


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Wow!! That is one packed post, right there!!!

Thank you for the mention for both the #MarketFriday and For the "Always a Flower" communities. I appreciate it more than you will know. I know I haven't got them how I want them quite yet, but, they are sure to change over time. I am still getting used to them!

Oh, the outlets are awesome and who can resist a candy store like that? Tons of bonbons! Love, love, love! The Coleman store and that flashlight are like a match made in heaven for me. Almost like having your own personal lamppost, no? I think you truly passed up a good deal on that blue jacket/sweatshirt. It is soooo your color and it looks to be well-made. Do you know what they say? You get what you pay for.

I think not buying that was a fail. Just saying. ;)

Thanks for dropping your link and for posting into the hive! Again, I appreciate you hawking my sites! And thank you for taking the time and effort to put together a #MarketFriday post!

MarketFriday loves you!

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22.02.2020 03:56
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22.02.2020 03:56

Lol. I asked Alexa and she's playing it! It's very good :0)

22.02.2020 09:32

Hey thanks. I am waiting for you to get FL studio for free, put in some beats and play your guitar along with it! Meesterboom needs to be heard!

22.02.2020 15:31

Lol. I am far too crap at the guitar these days. I hear myself and sometimes wonder how the heck I ever played in a band!

22.02.2020 16:00

I just post my #marketfriday! Didn't know there's a separate hive.
BTW you made me hungry!

22.02.2020 10:12

This is the first week so we are just getting the word out :)

22.02.2020 15:29

That's great. I will try it next time.

22.02.2020 16:48

Wow!! Alexa dissed me! She told me that it wasn't available for free. I have to go to the Amazon store and purchase it. How about I call you for free and you hum it to me? :)

22.02.2020 15:03

Omg you only got Prime music. I am cheap and even I pay the few bucks for the full monty lol. I need to tighten my belt I see. No wonder I am in the cold and you are in the warm sun lol!

BTW Spotify is free and I love it on the laptop :D

22.02.2020 15:24

Hah! I don't have Alexa with me, silly. :) That is why I can't listen.

22.02.2020 15:57