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Hello friends and welcome to another edition of Market Friday. As always I want to thank the lovely @dswigle for putting so much effort into her tag. She is an inspiration to me and an example to us all how to run a successful tag!


For my Market Friday, I thought it would be fun to check out a new store in town. I had never been to a Family Farm and Home before.


They have a lot of things that would be useful for the large farmer or the hobbyist. I have heard that keeping chickens was generally only for farmers, but now many rural hobbyist farms seem to be getting into the act. I just looked it up, and although it is hard to believe, up to 4 chickens are permitted under the city code in Ann Arbor! Well this would be a handsome coop!


So they have blades for your tractor...


The yard has a nice selection of fencing and gates, not to mention all the other accouterments needed as farm basics.


They have a nice selection of log splitters.


Of course a good selection of snow blowers is a needed item for many of us here in Michigan!


Now Yeti is out of my price range, as you can clearly see. I can get by just as well with my Ozark Trail (Walmart brand stuff lol).


A little high on the steel tipped blade snow shovels. I got about the same at Menards for much less.


However they have a decent selection of bulk bird seed.


They have some very important warm socks!


It is a nice sized store with a decent supply of items needed for farm life. If you have been in a TSC before, it is very much the same. I did find their softener salt was a buck or two cheaper than Ace Hardware so the Old Guy is happy about that :)


Have a great weekend

We are expecting cold with a big snow!!! BOOO!!!!

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First time when I see Family Farm & Home. Looks like Home Depot to me. Thanks for sharing 😊

18.01.2020 00:18

Looks like one of those fun stores to peruse! There's another farm store that I frequent here, if you can believe that or not. They have all sorts of kind of cool stuff and Easter time they even have pet bunnies and chicks. They have come a long way with the allowance of chickens in backyard. They become very popular everywhere and I've been surprised by where they have been allowed.

I like the way you are able to pick your own bird seed and that's something that is new to me because mine comes pre bagged and you're at their Mercy for the selection of it.

One cannot discount getting a good snow blower or shovel up there can they? I bought a snow shovel for here and didn't get to use it for 5 years. I was discouraged and put it up where it wasn't quite so available and of course oh, you know it, it snowed. 24 in to be exact. Feast or famine. Isn't that the way life is? Well I think that most everybody has made it halfway through the winter without snow or ice and I'm pretty sure that you were feeling like you lead a Charmed Life right about now.

I want to thank you for taking the time and effort to gather and post a market Friday to the challenge. It is very much appreciated! I wish you a most wonderful weekend!

MarketFriday loves you!

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18.01.2020 00:22

Hey old-guy-photos I get to see parts of hardware shops that I never would normally see. Thank you, but I prefer the plant section🌼 hahaha.

18.01.2020 03:04

Looks like you were in man heaven there @old-guy-photos hehe :)

18.01.2020 07:24
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20.01.2020 19:00

These stores remind of love children produced by the ole Grandpa's/Grandpa Pidgeons crossed with Ace Hardware!
(Remember Grandpa's?

The Family Farm & Home store looks uncannily similar to our Farm & Home Supply stores that recently opened in the Midwest region. I wonder if they both under the same ownership?

Does your store close earlier than say Lowes or Home Depot? Our Farm & Home Supply stores close at 8pm during the week, unlike 10pm for the other two hardware stores mentioned.

Fun place to mosey around!
Just remember any toys you buy will have to be moved! @old-guy-photos

26.01.2020 03:07