Thankful For a Sublimely Beautiful Sunday


We had a birthday boy in the house, but it wasnt me. My tiny baby boy turned 19. Yes I had him when I was 15 😛 LOL


We went to the place on the lake and got three burger for 5 bucks a pop. Not too shabby but look at the chunks of salt on those fries! YUM!!!!!!!!! Of course with Ben there HAS to be pizza involved as well!

The Beautiful Sunday and Sublime Sunday tags are some of my faves! I want to thank @ace108 for running the beautiful Sunday tag every week and keeping such detailed stats and supporting the accounts. Also, a shout out to @c0ff33a for the sublime Sunday tag where your random Sunday posts are always welcome!


I cannot believe another year has rolled by...


One thing I got him, (that I will be using) is a nice large glass ball!



They were trying to get through a sour straw that is connected... It reminded me of the iconic scene from Lady and the Tramp lol


I hope everyone had a beautiful and sublime Sunday


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Happy Birthday to Ben!!! This looks like it was an amazing way to spend a birthday, surrounded by family and friends.

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23.03.2020 03:42

Happy Birthday to the man but I seriously thinking if you are kidding when you said: I had him when I was 15

23.03.2020 12:02

15+19=34= I wish :)

23.03.2020 21:09

Happy Birthday to your son!!!

23.03.2020 18:35