Are You a Returner?

Do you buy, then return? I never used to, but now the internet has so changed my shopping life.

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Comments 4

I once returned a defective item from an Internet provider, I threatened them to change my item or let us talk to the Department of Trade office because I complained about them, so they changed the item, it was a USB modem.

22.02.2020 07:37

Oh yes you have to if it is not working!!

22.02.2020 15:43

Yeah, I'm. Not all the time but I don't hesitate if I have to do so.

22.02.2020 09:20

Previously it was rare that I returned anything, but that was when I was mostly going to a store and could put my hands on something before I decided to buy it. Not as many surprises when you can see a specific item before you buy. Rarely I would need to return if something didn't work like it was supposed to or was missing a part or the such.

I believe mass returning will be a bigger part of things with all of the online ordering, because photos are deception (even if they don't mean to be) on true size and colors. Amazon, as much as I love them are horrible packers, so if you get several items, some delicate and some heavy, they tumble around in the box against each other till they get to you and sometimes one thing breaks another. I know they are trying to do it fast, but they are very wasteful using a huge box for several small items.

I like going in stores to browse. I've found many a thing that I liked or was neat that I would have never thought to browse for online, so I like those little surprises. Sometimes I want something right now and like being able to go buy it here. That is going to get harder and harder as the online runs the real stores out of business and then there will be no choice but to buy on line

Not doubt ordering online is convenient though, if a product turns out to be as it was presented. :)

22.02.2020 15:59