Suicide Isn't An Option.


Queen of the depressed kingdom,
her royalty doesn't look good on her.
She is a queen of a despised world,
the beads around her neck,
are the pieces of her grounded dignity,
her crown of thorns is not like the Messiah's,
Messiah's crown of thorns gave us victory and glory,
but hers adds to the hurts, pains and wounds.

Daily she carries her cross all alone,
not even a Simon, sent to help,
the weight of the cross alone,
with multitudes of tears, terrible pasts
horrible present and hopeless future,
all sending her disgusting looks,
as they escort her to her Golgotha,
where her predecessors from the depressed kingdom
widely open their arms to welcome her.

But she is sorry, isn't she?
She is! She can't be the version of a child her mother wanted,
She is sorry! She fails her father,
She is sorry! She disappoints herself,
She is sorry! She can't fit into the fashion everyone wanted,
She is sorry! But who cares about her being sorry?
No one needs it, they want to see her become who they knew she could be

She knows she wouldn't resurrect on the third day,
neither will she spend forty days on earth after her death,
neither is there a certainty that she will be laid in a tomb
after she hangs herself.
but her mind is all made up, she can't bear it anymore.
She just wants to exit, not as an icon or to glory,
she wants to be gone too soon.

Laying down the ropes of hope she had held,
to pull the ropes in her neck
as she gulps her sour wine.
She didn't know that stumbling blocks can become stepping stones,
if she fights for life,
if she tries hard to catch her breath,
if she struggles to maintain her sanity,
her purpose can still be achieved if she endures a little more,
will someone please tell her that suicide isn't an option?
As she is just a moment away from doing the unthinkable

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.


Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.

Comments 9

When a man lost all hope of his life and think his/her life is invaluable then he/she decide to suicide.

21.03.2021 12:17

Suicide can't solve anything at all. True.

21.03.2021 19:55

Suicide is for looser who fears to fight for life and don't have any patient.

21.03.2021 12:22

They are not losers, they just need help to understand purpose and what life stands for.

21.03.2021 19:56

The Great Sin of Suicide The Creator does not like you to commit suicide.The burden of loving the patient of the Creator does not force man to understand what he cannot say.Fighting with reality is life.

21.03.2021 16:46

Yes. God frowns at suicide - taking a life we did not create.

21.03.2021 19:58

Suicide is the biggest cowardice in life. Suicide can never be a solution but keep trying to solve the problem. Will see that everything is fine.😊

21.03.2021 19:52

Very true, my friend.

21.03.2021 20:00

Suicide is for looser who fears to fight for life and don't have any patience.

11.04.2021 08:35