Little Angel.


Your laughter makes me laugh
Your laughter is one of the best I have seen
Your smiles give comfort just as your giggles
I would give anything to keep you laughing
You give comfort my darling, you give hope
With you, over anything my love, I can cope
You are like a researched paper full of scope
You give better feelings than those who dope
Ever since I held your tiny hands with your eyes closed
I have always longed to see you smile
I lived for the day I'd see those smiles
Carving out of your small mouth with enthusiasm
If your smile were to be captured as an art
You would be priceless and much desired by many hearts
My sweet charmer, my adorable cutie
Everything about you dazzles me
Watching you grow has been a delight
Being part of that process alone is exciting
I would rather be by your side than be anywhere else
Keep smiling, keep shining my sweet baby
Then world is yours to take, my love
Let your smile heal the world and bring comfort to others
You have been my rare gift
You came and you gave the needed lift
My little angel - strong, smart, cute and intelligent
The world is your stage, spread your fragrance

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.

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You are always a talented person. You have magic in your hands you write really awesome. Good luck to you. Your little baby has a lot of love for him.

02.04.2021 18:33

Thank you very much. Deeply appreciated.

02.04.2021 20:50

I realise by reading your many posts you love your family a lot. Keep loving them, they deserve it from you. Your baby is really so cute.

02.04.2021 18:40

Thanks a lot. Deeply appreciated.

02.04.2021 20:52

Her smile is enough to heal the world. She is looking so beautiful and cute.

02.04.2021 18:43

Thank you for this. 😊😊

02.04.2021 20:54

There really is magic in children's smiles, No hard-hearted person can not but laughing seeing the smiles of children. Nice writing with cute baby, have a lovely day.

02.04.2021 19:10

Absolutely true. Thanks a lot for this.

02.04.2021 20:58

Children always have that sweet and innocent look that moves even the hardest heart, I have not seen any person who does not surrender to their gaze, their adorable expression that envelops us in a tender smile, they are definitely charming.

02.04.2021 22:40

Very true. They are too adorable to behold. I love having them around.

03.04.2021 09:11

Wow, this poem is mind-blowing. Brilliant composition. The poet is full of all the condiments required to put a lasting smile and laughter on your baby girl's face. Well done sir

03.04.2021 06:14

Thank you very much, brother.

03.04.2021 09:14

I can see curiosity in her look. As if she wants to know something. Childs are like angels. Whenever you look at them you you will feel better.

03.04.2021 10:37

Spot on. Accurate. Thanks for this.

03.04.2021 20:51

Thanks for your support sir @olawalium.

04.04.2021 00:00


04.04.2021 07:37