Danger of alcohol


Many people have argued about whether it is right for a Christian to drink alcohol or not. Some say it is okay to drink but not to drink too much. However, that is not what my Bible says. No alcoholic can make it to heaven. How do I know? If you drink alcohol it will cause you to utter reverse things according to Proverbs 23:33. The Bible says that you should not even look at alcohol no matter how alluring it might seem to you according to Proverbs 23:31-32

Anyone who takes alcohol will behold strange women and their heart will utter perverse things. Can someone who lusts after strange women make it to heaven?. Can a person whose heart is full of perverse things go to heaven?.

The answer is no, so someone who drinks alcohol cannot be serious about making heaven. Stop taking alcohol. You cannot control the influence of alcohol; it rules over whoever takes it.

However, not only will it rule over the fellow, but it will also bring evil to the person. People who take alcohol will have babblings: complaints upon
complaints. A person who takes alcohol will have contentions, that is, he or she will always be fighting one thing or the other. The alcoholic will have woes, that is, curses. An alcoholic will have sorrows, in other words, such a person will be depressed. They will have wounds without cause – wounds to their lives and aspirations. They will have redness of eyes, which reflects a violent heart. I could go on and on.

Certainly, no bottle of beer, wine or liquor is worth any of the evils mentioned above.

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The Bible only condemns drunkenness. Jesus turned water into wine. That alone should tell you that it's OK. But if you can't handle your alcohol you shouldn't drink.

20.03.2021 18:02