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Sometimes our community are meant to have people with a good ideas and for them to get good ideas from every good one is to get lots of ideas and throw the bad ones away that may affect the people and the community as a whole. The good ideas can only be derived if we put thing right in the society and give people to express there own opinions concerning the issues of every individual around them and how they relate to the people whenever the needs of them arises.

We should understand that some individual can have brilliant ideas in mind to solve a particular problem in the society but if you can not get them across to the people that we act on it, your ideas won't get you anywhere if you keep it within yourselves so once you have it them don't wait for anyone before you do it because it may also backfire at the end of everything.

Individuals need to have the believes in themselves because it was easily to have the believe in individuals effectiveness and efficiently but If people worked hard to achieve there goals or objectives, with good minds and good ideas in our minds, we could make a difference in any ways without any form of delayed.

Finally, let us try to understand that not everything that counts in the process can be counted to be right or wrong and not everything that can be counted to be right that counts, only good people find a way to make thing right by giving out ideas to the society. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it, be Bold because it is genius, power and magic in it but it takes those steps to have the full capacity on it.

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