Crypto Academy Week 5 Homework Post for @gbenga

Hello every one welcome to another homework task post for @gbenga one crypto professor, this is week 5 now which is one month and 1 week and i have learnt a lot by participating in this tasks and i hope you have too.

In this week topic from gbenga he discussed about blockchain security, he pointed out the security challenges in the crypto world today and the simple solutions but he said we should throw more light to the topic and that is what i am going to be doing in this article.

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Firstly i have done some researches about humankind and the researches proved that no matter the environment you find you self in there will some sort criminality in it and it has made is way into the crypto community, some times this crimes are not done by hackers but by the crypto platform.

Why i said this is because of the recent PAID project situation, it is known that 2000 Eth was stolen from that project but no one knows what really happened that is why some people are saying that it was fraudulent move from the platform while the PAID team is saying that they were hacked.

Anyway who ever is right we will find out in the next coming days but i want to use this example to sound a warning out which is before investing in anything you must always do your researches about that particular thing before investing funds in it so that you don't end up like those people who invested in PAID.

A Particular Experience that happened to me.

When i was new to all this crypto community i was quick in making decisions that a bad because i didn't know what i was doing that time, my assets were hacked through my browser google chrome and the token name was pre token a token from the presearch project which is a google extension that awards it's users for using the search engine with tokens.

I was using google chrome then and meta mask as my wallet, not that meta mask isn't good but chrome doesn't have an ad-blocker then one day i was hacked and i lost all my tokens, that taught me lesson and i finally moved to brave browser because of the ad blocker feature and i got a decentralized wallet platform called exodus.

I want to thank @steemitblog and @gbenga because through this process of doing this homework it has pushed me into doing researches.

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