The Process of Making of Okra Soup

Hello Steemit My name is Amaka and I am going to show you guys how to prepare Okra soup and Semovita, so let's get Straight to it.

First of all you have buy all the ingredients and which includes:

1). Okra
2). Pepper
3). Salt
4). Crayfish
5). Red oil
6). Vegetable
7). Meats


Then let me show you guys how it's done let's go, Now carry a pot and fill it with water in it then cut your vegetables also cut the meats which you will cook the meat first then when it has done you will start cooking the Soup.

The Process of cooking the soup is by:
1), One cup of water.
2). One table spoon of oil.
3). One tea spoon of salt.
4). Two cube of Magi
5). One plate of okra.
6). One tea spoon of grinded crayfish.
7). Then the cooked meat.
8). Vegetables.

After all the ingredients then you will wait for like 30 minutes so as to let the soup done then later you will boil another water and use it to do the Semovita that will be used to eat the soup.






Thanks For Reading and Good Bye

Original Photos by @okoyeamaka11

The photos were taken by Tecno Camon 15 pro

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