DIARY GAME BY @ojoyceoma My visit to the farm

Hello adorable steemalive community,

I will be sharing a part of my day with us, which is my visit to the farm. I made observations and asked questions and here is what I learnt.

It is early planting season here, most farmers especially peasant farmers practice mixed farming. The farm I visited today is an example of a mixed farm. In mixed farming you plant different varieties of crop in one farm land.
In the farm I visited, there is maize, cassava, yam, vegetables, and other garden crops like waterleaf.


Some of these crops are planted as seeds or stem or a cut out like the yam head.
Ridges are made on the land, afterwards, you can plant crop varieties of your choice.

The maize seeds can be planted in fours, the cassava stem is cut in good small pieces, the yam is cut and planted, the vegetable seed; while the vegetable is growing it also produces a pod that has seeds, the pod is broken and the seeds are planted to bring forth vegetables in the next planting season. The water leaf stem are stick into the soil and they grow from their.

The crops are not yet all grown because they were just planted not quite long, another amazing thing about the farm is that the different crops have there unique germination and maturation time. Example the maize germinates and matures first.

It was a wonderful experience for me, though I'm not a farmer, but the beautiful site made me ask questions and learnt most of the things I shared.


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