Training and Monitoring Can Produce a Better Employee

If customers are the lifeblood of every business then what are employees? I will call them the tissues and tissues of the business. Customers are the reason why a company exists while employees carry out the daily activities that keeps the business running and determine the direction of the business. Just as customers are important in a business so are employees. Certain activities are quite important in a business than simply employing an employee if a business is going to grow and have less problems with employees and one of it is training and monitoring.


Although, employee training is an unending process that requires time and investment so as to get a well trained staff who would understand the drive of the institution as well as make fewer mistakes. There are several ways to train an employee so they can be able to attend to things properly with no mistakes. A few are;


This involves assigning an experienced person to watch, study and put new employees through the needed in the organization before setting them off on their own to handle tasks.


This is often a very good way to make an employee understand how the organization runs. An employee is made an assistant to a professional or skilled employee for a period of time.

Off the Job Training

This training includes seminars, workshops and other educational meeting sessions. This will help the employee grow in the business.



Monitoring Employees and Evaluating Job Done

After training employees, it is necessary to let them know if they are going in the right direction and this is where monitoring and evaluation comes in. This should include but not limited to the employee job performance, quality of work output, punctuality, social interaction with colleagues and customers. The ability of an employee to perform lies 75% on the management of the employer.

When an employee is performing poorly in their job, it is important to try to find necessary answers to why the employee is performing poorly. Questions like why did the employee perform poorly in his/her duty, was proper training given to the employee, have the employee been properly motivated, is the employee not suffering from outside or personal issues and pressure, is the employee working in the best department, what form or correctional punishment can be given to the employee (Firing the employee is not a punishment for poor performance, it is a final decision when all other methods have failed)?

It is ridiculous to expect customers to be satisfied when employees aren’t given the best treatment and training. The business survival depends on the customers and the customers loyalty is dependent on the attitude and the professionalism of the employees

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Employing a new staff can be very demanding but taking proper precautions in teaching and training them is a very good way to eliminate errors from them.

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Yes, an employee should never ignore the necessity involved in proper training.

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Hi @ojerinde

In the role of personnel administration, all functions are very important.

Staff training is part of an overcoming, to achieve that the workers reach individual objectives in this way they can feel better identified with the company and can perform much better.

Currently the word Monitoring is not used in personnel development. it is a word that is somehow taken negatively by the staff. in that sense only controls with performance evaluation are exercised.


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Thank you for making such amazing contribution @ lanzjoseg.

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