Top Tree Project Hope Post Review; The Second Episode

Like my friend's father would always say that it is no crime to have two homes, so i am happy to be on Steem as well as hive. I hope to be able to add value to the both chain.

@project.hope community has kept itself really active at growing users and producing great content. You can deem it fit to join the project hope community on steemit and hive (when it launches). Going through the community, I have read exciting and well written posts by user and members of the community and I will be writing about three of the posts. Every post written in the community is fascinating but you will have to permit me as I can only write three.

The First – A Business Needs a Calm Face And Smile To Stay In Good Shape

While communicating with customers, employees or anyone associated with your business, the manner at which you communicate with them matters a lot and it is essential for you to realize that you have to put yourself together while communicating with them, else you risk ruining your business as well as its reputation.

This post writing by @mojubare discusses the reason for a good smile in businesses and how smile could help during down times in business.

You should read about this in the @project.hope community

The Second – The Past and Present of a Technology (The Beginning Part)

Technology has proven to evolve with time and continuous studies and research by man. From the days of using Donkey and Carmel for transportation, using horns and town criers for passing information, technology has kept changing and making life easier. Looking back at how far we have come and our current position in technology will help know what future technology could look like.

In this post written by @futurekr, it talked about the past and the present of technology from data storage, computer and mobile phone. It lays emphasis on the years and stages of technological improvement in the data storage, computer and mobile phone world.

The Third – Customer Buying Habit, the Seller's Target

You are not in the position to tell if your product is quality or not. Quality in a product is based on logic and logic is based on emotion. You can only refer to quality as a seller if you are comparing your price of your product with another product. More so, a consumer can address your product from your dressing.

This post by @frederickbangs makes it clear about how sellers are to sell their products. The posts talk about how to market to a customer and appeal their emotions so as to have them become addicted to the products.

You can go to the project hope community to read these post and more fantastic post from the community. The community has been doing really great and I am proud of the growth thanks to the team which include @crypto.piotr, @pedrobrito2004, @juanmolina, @lanzjoseg, @fucho80, @jadams2k18. I will be bringing another review nest week and I hope to do it on both platforms.

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