Is Alphabet, Google's Parent Company Too Big?

Since the internet, no company has had a lot of data about everything and anything, including our daily lives, activities, dos and don'ts like Google. Google is the world largest search engine and the third company to reach the 1 trillion dollar market capitalization and even in the midst of a pandemic, the company reported an annual revenue of $46B. Google has a search of about 4 million searches every minutes.


Google is a free search engine which makes money from advertisement. It bought a double click for about $3.1B and so it has been in the advertising business for a long time now although now with the name Google ads. In 2005, Google bought YouTube, the online streaming service and second largest search engine in the world. In the same year, Google purchased Android for $50M owning the operating system and making it open source.

It is no news anymore that data is the oil of the 21st century and the more the search, the more data is stored and the more ads google can direct to you regarding your search. Google has other businesses around it such as the Gmail, Google Duo, Google Meet, Google Chat Google Blogger, Google Jamboard, Google Play, Chrome, and so on. With these large numbers of businesses not including the ones not listed Google is able to harness data from several people and make revenue from this in total.

Google has spread its tentacle into the automotive world, telecommunication, health, cloud computing, and many more. It looks like Google or Alphabet is getting really big that it will be able to make unending streams of money from everyone's click or don't you think it is too big?

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