Automation taking over every angle of human jobs.

With technology finding its root every day in our world and smart technology taking over every angle, we need to be prepared for the possible outcome of the future and with the jobs and occupations that we get engaged in, we need to be very prepared for what the future will bring to the table. When the future happens (which is happening already), we either get ready to get along with the change and still have a means of income or we become part of the people who get abandoned and left behind in the chain of growth.

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Take a look at some of these jobs and how they are going into extinction gradually.

Let us start with the industrial manufacturers, growing up we had industrial manufacturers working very hard to make life a lot easier for us. Every day they worked very hard hitting the nail and constructing thing just to make sure that they looked perfect for us but in our age today, we have robotics changing everything and instead of humans working extra hard to make a change occur, we have robots doing all the work and the engineers just need to program the machine to carry out the required task.

Bar attenders are getting replaced as restaurants are getting more interested in having algorithms that will make the services to customers more easy, all customers need to do is to punch a few request on their mobile tablet and they will have the extremely careful robot serve it to them without an hitch.

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Bank tellers are getting replaced very fast, with every day that passes people are realizing that there is no need to get to the bank any more everything we want to do at the bank can easily be done on our mobile phones, even cash can now be obtained at the Atm and there is no need to get over the counter any longer.

Fast food workers are also getting replaced day in and out, automation is now what a lot of companies are considering since there is a serious demand for the increase in the payment of staff, there are developed machines that can make the dishes and even serve customers, this means an increased automation will make this entire process even more fast and make more people in this category lose their jobs.

In the past we use to look for accountants and auditors, almost every company and organization needed an accountant to close their records and make everything get intact but these days we have algorithms in place who will finish the task in a short time and in a perfect manner also.

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