My entry for the monomad photography contest #monomad

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09.07.2019 19:54

Pretty shocking photo!

Thanks for sharing and greetings.

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09.07.2019 20:12

Thank you :) Many greetings from Berlin.

10.07.2019 13:59

Maybe I used the wrong word.... 😅

Mmm... I tried to say it was a crisp/appealing to the eye, with lot of details...

That's the problem when think on spanglish and don't entirely on english.... 😂

10.07.2019 14:26

No problem, really :) It just sounded as if you are talking about Godzilla or the Gremlins, although sometimes Lilly and a Gremlin have astonishing similarities. So feeding her after midnight would not be an option ;)

10.07.2019 17:11


11.07.2019 01:56

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10.07.2019 18:52