Motivate yourself


Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.... Anonymous

Be your own motivator. Speak good things to yourself. Think good thoughts about yourself. Always tell yourself the truth no else would tell you. Praise yourself for your achievements, this will help assure you that you can achieve more.

Motivate yourself to work every day. Always remind yourself that great things don't happen in comfort zone. Set targets and time limits for yourself. This is usually not easy, but you can set a kind of punish for yourself each time you fail to do these things, and it will help keep you disciplined.

Be your own best mentor, praiser, disciplinarian and motivator.

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Excellent review @ogoowinner and you are right, motivation is vital for success!

10.07.2019 12:11

You are true @ogoowinner... No one going to push you ahead but everyone pull you back.

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10.07.2019 13:41

That's right time to inspire and keep moving

11.07.2019 08:09

Your words drip honey, they are beautiful just like you.

12.07.2019 03:53