Staying Woke - Five Quick Tips

Good day reader, I guess your day is going great if not then you're a little bored or tired from work stress.
Basically, staying woke means enjoying your own company or that of others without getting bored, and this can only be achieved by doing things that help keep boredom away.

So how can we stay woke?

I say this most times, Imaginative minds are always woke...

This is because I'm a little imaginative myself, I can easily turn anything into pictures in my head and build a story around it in minutes, this could go on and on for a whole day, so at the end of the day I actually get to enjoy my own company and that of people around me

I'll be dropping five quick tips below for those that have issues staying woke, here we go...

  1. Be creative - Draw, Write
    Being creative is the first step to staying woke, you could just pick a pen and paper then try drawing something, now note it doesn't have to look good or beautiful it just helps you build an imagination of what you want to draw.
    Before you draw any image it first has to form in your head so technically by the time you're done drawing you'd notice how much time you've spent doing something creative thereby helping your mind stay at rest and peaceful.
    If you're not so much of a fan of drawing you could just write a story about something or someone, sources say that the best stories are birth out of unintentional writing... who knows? you could just become the next best selling writer from boredom hehe.
  2. Interact with others
    Talking to people helps a lot in taking or I'd rather say kicking boredom out, so I'll advice if you haven't been talking to at least one person in a whole day then you need a change. Talking to people doesn't mean you should go about talking to some people who won't appreciate a conversation with you, it just means you should give people a chance to converse with you without causing a break.
  3. Write an Email/Letter
    Lol the last time I tried this it almost got me into trouble, but guess what for four days I was always laughing not because I got replies but because the receiver was happy and didn't stop bugging me about it. So guess what writing to someone you know is fun but what if we try writing to someone we have no idea about?? Sounds like a challenge yeah??
  4. Be Productive
    When was the last time you fixed something yourself, cleaning, fixing, washing and more help to clear the mind and also keeps it a little bit preoccupied to stay on or stick to petty things that could flare up anger.
  5. Find ways to have fun
    What makes you happy? Doing things that make you laugh rather than get emotional is a huge fix to boredom, so whenever you get bored hit that music player and do some silly moves, go to that bar and flirt with the bar tender hehehhe, just do something that makes you feel very happy and guess what you'll be fine.

If you noticed, none of the points here need finance yeah? Exactly, you don't need money to be happy you just need the right mindset after which adding a little money would make it more fun.

Thanks for going through this short one, do enjoy the rest of your day.

Signed: Hord

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