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Greetings Lovers of football.


Today I will be writing my membership validation post as stipulated by the rules guiding the @worldoffootball community and I am glad I am making such progress both in the community and the steemit platform at large.

I am by name Offia Godwin, 20 years of age. Football ball is my hobby and I do everything necessary to stay active in any community that's related to this particular sport or game and this community turned out to be the community that has it all installed. Ever since I joined the community I have seen a lot of post related to football and it has been of great help to me.

What i Intend to post in the Community.

I enjoy playing football.

  • Ever since I joined this community, I have seen post only related to the game of football and I don't intend to go off grid but will stay on track and ensure my own post turns out to be more creative and fun for any reader.
    I also promise to only use images from copyright free source and also not engage in any form of plagiarism.

What is referred to as content etiquette?

These refers to stipulated rules that govern any organization, Blockchain or a community.
Every member of any organization, Blockchain or community is expected to abide by certain rules. Rules of this highly esteemed community includes the following:

  • Refrain from every form of plagiarism: plagiarism I would say it's an act of taking another writers glory. plagiarism seems to be one of the most grievous offence a user would ever commit.

How can plagiarism be stopped?

Plagiarism can be stopped by:

  1. Believing in ones self: Most writers don't believe they can be creative without copying.
  2. Good Research.
  3. Source every text or idea that's not yours.
  • Copyright Images.: Certain images are not to be used without prior permission from the owner, so we are advised to get images from:


From this sites I can get my copyright free images and will always source the site where I downloaded it from.

How to Source an Image.

After the image has been uploaded the image, the first this is to open a bracket [source] , inside of it write source just like I did up, then add (image link) so that it becomes clickable. It will now look like source.
If want to indicate the license too license by doing you just eliminated traces of plagiarism to the image used.
An example is given below:



In every community, there is a penalty for defaulters, a defaulter can even be banned from the community just to ensure that every member abides by the stipulated rules.

In a nutshell "I am well aware of the rules of this community as well as the norms of steemit and will abide by them at all times". I am really glad I am a member of this great community.

  • Thanks for reading my post.


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