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It has been a while though. I really appreciate @njaywan for his relentless efforts to ensure the effectiveness of this community.
In this contest, it actually is my pleasure to tell you about my local football team.


  • Before anything

    what is football?

    This is a game of two teams with 11 players each, chase after a ball and struggles to maneuver the ball into there opponents goal post. Once the ball touches the arm it is declared a foul.

My local football team.

The name of my local team is popularly known as the starboys FC in Cross River State, the team is made up of 36 players in total which includes three (3) goalkeepers.
Just as we all know every team do have a bad day and a good day, once we went out for an away match in a nearby village called edor, a date I can never forget on the 11th-November-2020, we lost that match 1:6 that day, it was really a thing of shame because my local team is known for their undefeated streak.
Just as we all know joy comes in the morning and every man is known for being a king in his own home a week later they came home for a returning match but the glory of the starboys FC was restored with a 7:0 win for the starboys FC, joy finally came a week later.

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