Campus Diary Game// How I spent my day // 07-11-2021 by @offia66.

Greetings Steemians.

We should always remember to return thanks to the source that creates life.
I woke up a bit late (7Am) since it was a Sunday and service starts by 9AM. I said my prayer and carried out few chores snd prepared my breakfast.


At around 8:45AM I was all done and already on my way to church as I don't like going to church late. At around 8:58AM I was already in church, waiting for the commencement of the service.
At around 9:07AM the service commenced.

A picture of me headed for service.

It was a Relationship Sunday, the topic of discussion was Relationship 101. A lot about relationship was discussed ranging from signs of a healthy relationship to signs of a wrong partner were brought to the open

A picture me in church.

At around 12:00PM the service was dismissed and we all headed back home. On reaching my room I took my bath and decided to take a nap since we will resume with classes on Monday and I won't get an opportunity like that. I woke up at exactly 1:00PM and started making preparation for lunch.
At around 3pm lunch was ready and i dished out a portion for myself.


At around 3:15PM I was done eating, I rested a little and started doing my technical drawing assignment.

I was on this assignment till 6pm. The moment I finished I decided to write about how my day was.

Thanks for reading


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Is the rice and egg sauce for me

08.11.2021 17:11

A great day you had. I am just convinced that twas all fun. I hope the assignment didn't give you much hassles?

08.11.2021 22:28

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10.11.2021 16:36