Be on Fire for God.

Greetings Steemians.

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Behind every good looking, sweet and delicious food, there's a good use of fire..
Behind every good product, there's a good use of fire.
Fire is a dynamic gift from God, without fire there will be no process of refinery...
Are you aware that without fire, SUGAR would have still remain as SUGAR CANE...
Apart from refining sugar cane to sugar what other use is it for if not chewing...
In Destiny mining and refining of potentials Fire is inevitable... Fire is a must if you must manifest in Destiny, Fire is a must if you must shake your world..
As a lady, how come you are shaking your waste and you are not shaking your world..
Cultivate fire and shake as a flame of fire.
To your beauty, idea, sense, talent, business, and marriage. Add fire.. Fire is what brings out the taste in food, No one will like to eat row food, subject your life and Destiny to fire and be refined for that great taste in you to be out.

[Source] pixabay

As a Christian, you must understand that you are a sacrifice unto God, and Sacrifice can never fulfill it's purpose without the involvement of fire.. You must be set on fire for God before you can be a sacrifice unto God.

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