Basic problems faced by Students in most Nigerian Universities by @offia66.

Greetings Nigerian students.


I am by name Onyekach Kalu, I am a student of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture (MOUAU) in Abia state today I will be sharing with you some of the basic problems faced by students in most Nigerian Universities today.


High tuition fee (School fee).


Most schools tuition fee tends to be high and almost unaffordable for some students as they don't have support, no sponsor. They do it all on their own and grace that speaks for them. Some are from a family that is not financially stable and keeps struggling to remain in school and not drop out.

Unavailability of conducive Lecture Halls.

picture of us in a achebe hall during a German class.
Here I will be taking my school as an example where all 100 Level Students are expected to attend lectures in the same hall which makes halls hot, over crowded and forcing some Students to stand while lecture is going on just to be part of the lectures. As a result of this unconducive halls and discomfort they suffer, most students prefer to miss classes and enjoy the comfort of their lodges/apartment.

Qualified lecturers.

Not every lecturer today is worthy to be called a lecturer, as most of them might have maneuver there way up there and this is to the detriment of Students. A friend told me about what happened in a physics class in his school where a lecturer said to convert millimeter to meters we should multiply by 1000 whereas is to divide by 1000, a student who might not know this has automatically been mislead by the lecturer.

Little or no words of encouragement from Lecturers.

In schools today it turns out to be that some lecturers derive joy from seeing a student fail. It's very hard to hear these words from a lecturer "you can do it" or "you have potentials in you, just put them into work" but most of what you will hear is "You will fail" or "go and ask about me I am this or I am that" just putting fear into students and any student that wallows in this fear tends to fail.

Bad Hostels.

a room in good luck hostel in MOUAU.
Most schools suffer from unavailability of good accommodation for students. Most students as a result of staying in the hostel got infected, leaking roofs whenever it's raining students tend to suffer discomfort, broken suck away pipes making the atmospheric condition bad.

in a nutshell Nigerian students suffer from many other things I could not mention and we (Nigerian students) look forward for a better tomorrow and availability of every necessary equipment/facility needed to make learning easy.


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Bad Hostels are common in Nigeria University and the tuition fees are quite high

11.08.2021 19:39

If they can reduce the tuition fee to the amount students can afford, it will be fine. Bad hostels is also a factor! Thanks for bringing this difficulties to people's notice

11.08.2021 21:00

So surprising that I face same similar problems in my University. Attimes students have to stand at the back due to no availability of chairs. Our Schools need serious reform

11.08.2021 21:36

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