Unforgettable Italy : The Eternal City Roma, Italia 🇮🇹

The Italy I will never forget....

I studied Architecture in Rome back in the 90’s and our School’s Studio was in Trastevere .... My pensione (apartment) was up on the Janiculum and I can remember my beautiful walk to School each morning.

I would stop for a cappuccino and cornetto con crema at a Cafe (Bar) near Porta San Pancrazio ... then make my way down the Via Garibaldi to the Studio near the Basillica Santa Maria in Trastevere where we would spend the day drawing and painting...

Most of the photos I took back then were slides since we usually had to present our projects via slide show, so I don’t have many photos but I do have hundreds of pencil sketches and watercolors from my unforgettable days in Italy.

We had our old film cameras but we also carried our little black sketchbooks and there was so much to sketch. Every which way you looked, everywhere, everything needed to be sketched, and painted,... we would sit for hours, drawing, drawing, drawing.... so many wonderful piazzas, palazzos, vistas, gardens, hidden gardens, secret places, mysterious places....

Tell me if you can recognize this first watercolour ... It’s a piazza in Rome. Near Piazza Navona .... I will eventually post a map in the comments below. I will also do another post to show my Project, a building that I designed to be added to this piazza ... so the building is small.


Thisis a pencil sketch I made from another day in Rome.


This is a pencil sketch and watercolour from another day ...


This was my walk each day from my Pensione down to Trestevere ....


My memories of Rome are very much like the descriptions you read by Italo Calvino in Marcovoldo. https://amzn.to/3trwC7Z. This is now one of my favourite books and I find myself reading and re reading them often. Day dreaming of my days in Rome.

Stay tuntuned for more ... I will try to write more of my memories of my time in Italy.

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Thank you very much

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Wow....such a wonderful hand skills of you friend.

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Thank you.

17.03.2021 14:12

How wonderful it is to study architecture in Italy! I envy you, colleague!

18.03.2021 15:38

Yes. It was a great time ... I hope to go back this summer.

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i like your ork

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Thank you

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