The Steem Blog Limerick Challenge ... 🐳

Here is the challenge...

Write a 5 Line Limerick with the word “Steem”

A Limerick uses the AABBA rhyming pattern


There once was a blog named Steem
It was every blogger’s Dream.
Share your day
Have a say.
With rewards to redeem.

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Words and phrases that rhyme with steem: (229 results)


1 syllable:
beahm, beam, beem, bleam, bream, breeam, breme, cheam, cheme, cream, creme, deam, deem, diehm, diem, dream, drscheme, fleam, fleme, gleam, gleim, greim, grieme, haem-, keim, kreme, leeme, liem, meme, mneme, ni-mh, pheme, phleme, phleum, pneum, preem, priem, queme, ream, reame, reim, reume, rf dreem, rheem, rheme, riehm, scheme, scream, seam, seem, seeme, siem, skeme, steam, stream, swd eim, tc-pam, team, teem, theme, thiem, thieme, vreme, xscheme, xtreme, ziehm

2 syllables:
abeam, acvim, adeem, agleam, aleem, aneem, ariem, assieme, avrim, azeem, basim, berseem, beseem, beteem, bireme, bitstream, black bream, bloodstream, box beam, brylcreem, careme, centime, coal seam, cold cream, daelim, daydream, decime, distream, douzieme, downstream, egg cream, enseam, essaim, esteem, extreem, extreme, face cream, farm team, felled seam, first team, foredeem, gulfstream, gulf stream, hakeem, hakim, hareem, ice-cream, ice cream, insieme, jetstream, jet stream, joachim, joaquim, kareem, karim, knieriem, kurzeme, light beam, light cream, live steam, mainstream, maxime, midstream, misdeem, misseem, moonbeam, nauseam, nghiem, outdream, passim, perim, per diem, pezim, pipe dream, raceme, raheem, rahim, redeem, regime, rodime, sea bream, sidestream, starstream, sunbeam, supreme, tie beam, uilleam, unseam, unseem, unteam, upstream, vadim, wet dream, whipped cream, woodstream, yohimbe

3 syllables:
academe, balance beam, baseball team, clotted cream, coffee cream, color scheme, cosupreme, defense team, disesteem, double cream, double creme, episteme, football team, haradim, heavy cream, hockey team, ibrahim, ion beam, laser beam, longerbeam, misbeseem, misesteem, peach ice cream, polyseme, quadrireme, sarofim, selfesteem, semanteme, sephardim, seraphim, shaving cream, soft ice cream, soured cream, sour cream, stufflebeam, tidal stream, triple cream, triple creme, unbeseem, usariem, whipping cream

4 syllables:
basketball team, chocolate ice cream, chromakalim, defending team, devonshire cream, fraudulent scheme, freshwater bream, hapoalim, incentive scheme, melodic theme, meteor stream, musical theme, particle beam, radio beam, surgical seam, tidewater stream, vanishing cream, violent stream

5 syllables:
american dream, atlantic sea bream, bavarian cream, european bream, strawberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream

6 syllables:
european sea bream

7 syllables:
neapolitan ice cream

Comments 7

I bought some STEEM so I can redeem.
Invited my friend Raheem the Dream.
We are on the same baseball team.
He hit a homer past the woods and over a stream.
After that we got some ice cream!

08.03.2021 20:54

Ha ha .... that’s a good one. However .... A limerick is supposed to rhyme at AABBA pattern

08.03.2021 20:56

Oops! lol.... i tried

08.03.2021 21:08

It could go like this....

I bought some STEEM
And entered the Blog stream.
I Invited my friend Bob.
He’s no slob.
But he sure loves ice cream!

08.03.2021 21:00

Ahhh.... Gotcha!

08.03.2021 21:09

Oh I do like to make up a rhyme,
If only I could find more time,
And things just turned sour,
I'm out of Steem Power,
I'll just have to wait till it's fine.

I wrote this last night and couldn't post it. Oh, the irony.

09.03.2021 08:25

Ha ha..... excellent Limerick... upvoted at 100%

09.03.2021 21:02