The best way to Earn Steem is with Curation - Power up 100 %

I have been here on Steemit since June 2017.

I have learned that the absolute best way to earn Steem is through Curation.

The Key is to Power up 100 % and find the best "New" posts to upvote at the 4 minute mark with 100 % Voting Power.

Maximum Steem Power is the Key.

Even with 10,000 Steem Power you could be earning $400 USD per month.

Don't even worry about earning any Steem with your posts.

Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 10.54.54 AM.png

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And here to see prices I agree with you. I had 2000 SP. The curators were good. But after last year's May, when many had their wallets cleaned for 20 million STEEM. I just took everything out.

19.03.2021 18:18

By the way, they used to make good money on BIT BOT. Now they have been humiliated, why I cannot understand. Were these bots originally launched to test exchanges by KIT themselves?

19.03.2021 18:37

Wow..... Where did you go ?

19.03.2021 18:38

I stayed here. I just took all my STEEMs to a cold wallet. At any moment I can lead them back.

19.03.2021 18:49

I make a ton of Steem from Curation .... so all my Steem is powered up 100%

19.03.2021 19:57