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It looks like the Blurtpower Snapshot has been moved to the End of March, so we have more time to accumulate BlurtPower.


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Are Splash and Bling something totally seperate from stuff that will be on Blurt?

01.03.2021 02:36

There will be Blurt 🀬 on the Graphene Blockchain like Steemit and Hive and there will be Splash πŸ’¦ and Bling πŸ€‘ on the Cosmos Blockchain. It’s a way to branch out and try new blogging features on a new Crypto Blogging Platform like The Cosmos Blockchain.

01.03.2021 04:55

That is cool.

01.03.2021 05:47

Yes... I’m trying to get to 1 Million Blurt power before the Airdrop. Buying everything on Hive-Engine ... it’s almost free over there.

01.03.2021 14:11

It's interesting.....I feel like the only downside to all of it is the communities partially get fractured. The same thing happened to the EOS community. Now we have EOS, TLOS, Ultra, WAX.....etc. People's resources and attention get pulled to separate camps.

I do think it would be good if DTube added BLURT in there so it would automatically post out there as well like it does for STEEM and HIVE.

02.03.2021 06:06

I guess ... but having so many places to post to keeps me out of trouble of posting too much in one place. I got in tons of Trouble posting more than a few times on Hive. It was brutal.

02.03.2021 09:04

What like people yelled at you for posting too much? Back when STEEM was going crazy in 2017 there were some days where I put up 10 posts. LOL

03.03.2021 03:37

Oh was much worse. I had all my posts downvoted to zero on the 7th day.... Thousands of dollars taken away. But it was on Hive I think. All those downvoting whales moved to hive.

03.03.2021 04:10

Oh wow, that is rough. I have gotten a few downvotes in my day but not a ton.

03.03.2021 04:18

There is a group of 2 or 3 guys that run everything on Hive ... if you make one of them mad you get blacklisted and they down vote everything you do. Especially if you write a post that earns over $30 and makes it to Trending. They do everything possible to prevent people from autovoting you.

03.03.2021 14:48

Yeah that is part of the reason why I powered up over here and a little bit on Leo Finance. Some of the Witnesses on HIVE make me so mad. It becomes clear that the platform isn't set up to actually thrive and make progress. It is just a way for a handful of those guys to feed themselves.

There are a lot of good things about HIVE and some of the community but they have taken so many wrong turns in my opinion.

04.03.2021 05:31

Yep... a few of the angry whales on Hive are still earning pretty good Steem from curation with several alt accounts here on Steemit. They will downvote you to zero if they catch you posting anything on Steemit but they are happy making $1,000 a month here from Curation.

04.03.2021 11:40