Steemy Holiday Playlist : Happy National Empanada Day

Happy Empanada Day !

Can I have another ?

It’s that time of year again when we celebrate the delicious Empanada !

Even if you’ve never tried empanadas, there’s a good chance you’ve had one of their distant (and delicious) cousins. Originally from Galicia, Spain, empanadas now exist in over 30 countries in some shape or form. The name comes from “empanar”, which means “to bread” in Spanish and Portuguese. But some historians argue that the true meaning is “Can I have another?” That might not be a historical fact, but we can keep the spirit alive when National Empanada Day comes rolling in on April 8!


Here is my Song for the Steemy Holiday Playlist:

Source: YouTube

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Awesome. Thanks @justyy .... I think I need to move some more $$$ your way.

09.04.2021 00:27

Sure... welcome.

09.04.2021 00:37

I’m just waiting for all my other undelegations to take effect seems to be taking a really long time .... isn’t it supposed to be 5 days ????

09.04.2021 20:58

I undelegated from nutbox, upvu , gotogether, tipu .... how long does it take to get my $$$back

09.04.2021 20:58

I will start promoting your delegation project on Twitter, Steemit, blurt etc too....

09.04.2021 20:59

I will let people know I tested them all and @justyy was the best .... by far

09.04.2021 21:00