Steem up 19% in 2 days

Ok.... maybe this is it. On our way back up.

Let’s hope so.



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Do you mean to tell us that this is going all the way to $7.77 from $.19? ...So what happened to SBD? ~ It's supposed to stay pegged @ $1.00?

What's going on? ...are we looking at a flawed Steem payout system on complete meltdown? ...What are we gonna do about it?

25.08.2019 12:21

The way I understand SBD is that it supports the price of STEEM by controlling the emissions of STEEM based on the number of SBD HODLed. SBD will not always stay pegged to $1 if the users of the system are not appropriately HODLin it based on the current market cap of STEEM relative to SBD. So I think the system is perfect and not flawed at all. Too the moon!

25.08.2019 13:43

SBD moves up and down too. I watch the spread and trade back and forth to increase my steem Power. It has worked so far. Up to 5,000 Steem Power now...,

25.08.2019 13:57