Steem is up 18 % and Steem Dollar (SBD) is up 4 %

What does that mean ? It’s a good day to convert some of your Steem to Steem Dollars using the Internal Market...



I convert these back and forth on any large divergence and make a nice return on te spread ..... it’s how I got to 6,000 Stem Power. Need to be quick though. It moves fast.
Steem is the only blockchain in the world that lets you do sommething like thi with zero fees.... all from yoour own Steemit wallet.heWhen Steemes way up and SBD does not move trade some Steem for SBDWhen SBD goes way up and Steem does not move then trade your SBD for Steem.
So eaSo easy.

Remember that SBD once hit $14 when Steem was at $8.... some of the spreads were much greater.

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I keep hearing that 2020 is going to be a big year for Steem. I hope everyone is right!

11.01.2020 13:24

Who knows..... in the mean time you can increase your Steem Power quite a bit trading back and forth between Steem and Steem Dollars .... for Free.

11.01.2020 13:26

Big move. I have never tried the Internal trading on a move.

11.01.2020 13:33

I always Trade some when I see a huge move on one or the other.

11.01.2020 13:35

I always Trade some
When I see a huge move on
One or the other.

                 - offgridlife

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

11.01.2020 13:35

Wow.... so awesome man.
The Best Steem RoBot ever.
I Love your work man.

11.01.2020 13:39

I did well converting my SBD back to Steem when SBD was at $14 and Steem was at $8 some of the spreads were over 1,000 %

11.01.2020 13:36

I usually just Trade 5 Steem at a time.... this way I can remember what I paid .... so right now I get 1 SBD for 5 Steem... but when Steem comes back down or SBD moves back up I trade my SBD for Steem. Usually getting more than 5 Steem for my 1 SBD .... some times it’s a little.... some times it’s a lot.

11.01.2020 13:41

Yeah I would do the same. When you trade so much it’s hard to remember your cost basis so that’s a good plan. I’m going to give it a try.

11.01.2020 13:45

You just always need to have some Steem and some SBD sitting there in your wallet for any of these extreme spreads.... I like to keep 100 Steem and 10 SBD for these opportunities....

11.01.2020 13:52

It’s winding down now.... window is closing .... will need to start selling my SBD to buy Steem again....

11.01.2020 18:31