Prices for Charizard Pokémon cards ?

Spring Cleaning and Garage Sale.

It looks like I have a few boxes of very old Pokémon Cards.

1992, 1993, 1994.... 2014 2013 and older ....

Anyone know what these are worth ? Should I sell them on EBay or here on Steemit ???

Sell for Steem ? SBD ? Tron ?


Charizard EX Stoke ... $75



Hmmm .... looks good on ebay.

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I was just about to reply $0 but it turns out that some of them might actually be really valuable!!!

Unfortunately, my complete Transformers 1986 Panini Sticker Album isn't.

17.05.2021 15:40

I will look them up on EBay and sell there I guess.

It seems that the Yveltal unopened box is $300 ...

17.05.2021 15:57


Given how little room they take up, it'd be interesting to see how the price has changed and if they're worth holding on to.

17.05.2021 16:00

Well ... it appears that we have been holding them already since 1992 ... I’m just glad they survived the many floods we have had over the years.

17.05.2021 16:50

we have been holding them already since 1992

Good point. That's rather a long time already.

17.05.2021 20:22