Organic Empire Apples for Sale $10 a bushel (125 apples)

For many years I collected and composted the fallen apples from my 2 apple Trees.

Golden delicious and Empire Apple.

I do not spray my trees with any pesticides or chemicals and we get several thousand apples from each Tree.

About 3/4 of the Apples are perfect for pies, Apple sauce, snacks, and we used to collect the rest to give to horses at a nearby horse riding stable.

I learned this week that hunters will buy a bushel of apples (125 apples ) for about $10 per bushel.

So I’m going to see if I can sell some of my not-so-perfect apples.

Anyone else try this ?


You can buy Farmer’s Market Empire apples... $4 for 4 pounds here in Canada.
You get about 4 Medium sized apples per pound so $.25 cents per apple.
Maybe next year I will sell some of the better apples at $30/ bushel


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Those are perfect looking apple! looks very luscious!

06.10.2019 17:02

Yeah... some of them are Almost perfect. A few surface blemishes since I don’t use pesticides..... I see that organic Empire Apples go for $1/lb.... that’s 4 medium apples at .25 cents each.... so a bushel (125 apples) .... good eating apples goes for $31

06.10.2019 18:12

..sure you should sell them..guess if you offer them at the fruits market or even fleamarket near your home, you will sell them all instantly and at the same time you will make many people happy..go for organic, go for apples..up..resteemed..

06.10.2019 17:13

Wow.... these all Sold out in a matter of minutes.

06.10.2019 23:13