NFT ? Earn crypto from your Original Artwork and Photography on

It seems like everyone is making a fortune these days selling their Artwork as NFTs… Non Fungible Tokens on Twitter.

Well not everyone.

It’s complicated and expensive. You need lots of Ethereum or other crypto to pay the fees required to Mint those NFTs.

There is an easier way to earn crypto from your Artwork. One of the best ways is to simply share your original Artwork, Photography, Filmwork on

I joined Steemit back in 2017 and have already earned $30,000 USD …

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Original Artwork NFT (Not for Sale) created by @offgridlife


Original Photography by @offgridlife

Original Sasquatch and Mr Gray Viral Video on YouTube by @offgridlife

Free Land and Job Viral Video on YouTube by @offgridTV

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I joined Steemit back in 2017 and have already earned $30,000 USD …

Wow!!!, This is great. I'm also a photographer but I have been off for a while now.

But now I'm back 💯💪

29.08.2021 11:01

Awesome. I have tried a lot of different places to earn $$$ from my Photography and Artwork. So far the best are, and Noise.Cash where I have earned about $500 in Bitcoincash over the past few months …

29.08.2021 14:41

Can I get your Discord??

29.08.2021 16:10