May the Fourth be with You always ...

Here is my Timelapse Video sketch of Yoda ...

May the Fourth be with you always.

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Comments 5

Great job! I really like Yoda! And the movie music from your video adds to the mood! )

05.05.2021 07:23

Thank you very much. I like Yoda too.

05.05.2021 11:07

this iis so cool! love the detail reminds me of a guy called ruddy muddy i know who paints like this on dirty vans.

05.05.2021 11:22

Thanks. I have lots of these on my YouTube Channel, HideoutTV and TikTok... I do a lot of Digital Timelapse drawings on my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and the Free Autodesk Sketchbook app.

05.05.2021 12:33

My favorite!👍😊

05.05.2021 20:29