Looking forward to selling a few Digital Art NFTs on Binance for BNB

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance said it plans to launch a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace in June.

The marketplace is aimed at creators and traders of collectibles in visual arts, music, games, sports and more, according to an emailed announcement by Binance Tuesday.

I guess all the artists will need to buy a lot more BNB for all those fees .... before it hits $1,000 ... Yikes.


It “will run on (mainly) the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the Ethereum network will be supported as well,” meaning users will be able to view Ethereum NFTs in their Binance wallet account, a spokesperson for the exchange told CoinDesk.

The platform will be divided into two main parts: premium events and trading market.
Premium events will feature select works and high-end exhibitions, for which Binance will charge a 10% fee with creators receiving 90% of the proceeds. The trading market will be for users to create and deposit their own NFTs for a processing fee of 1% and will subsequently receive a 1% royalty from proceeds.

Source: https://www.coindesk.com/binance-to-launch-nft-marketplace-in-june




Digital Art created from original oil pastels on paper ....


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I didn’t know about this. How much roughly would it cost in tokens to upload do u think?

28.04.2021 08:00

Not sure yet.... comes out in June. I do much better sharing my Artwork and Photography on Noise.Cash ... are you there ?


And on https://blurtter.com

28.04.2021 16:56

No lol OMG so many sites hahahaha

29.04.2021 07:08

I made over $1,000 on https://Noise.Cash so far since January. You get tips in BitcoinCash ... and Bitcoincash is up big.... not as big as Dogecoin. But still big.



29.04.2021 08:49

Hold on but slow down ahahah what is it what do you do there?

29.04.2021 10:00

I just share my photography and artwork there... it’s like Twitter... short posts where people tip you in Bitcoin Cash.

29.04.2021 10:45

Cna ii use iit on my laptop or its a phone app? will get it later :)

29.04.2021 12:00

You can access noise.Cash from anywhere .... iPad, laptop, iPhone, computer ... you just connect it to a BitcoinCash address you have anywhere ... coinbase, atomic, Binance and they deposit the BCH the minute you get the tip... I get some every second

29.04.2021 20:17

oK SO I SIGNED up but can't work out how to post pics? do you do image links?

29.04.2021 22:42

It takes a few hours before the add the add Image button..l. Post a few text posts.... make comments .... then they know your not a robot. After a few hours they give you free BCH tips to give out ... you select % go to the author and % to yourself.... I start out with 2 cents at 50/50... the more you give out tips the more they give you each day.

30.04.2021 03:56

I will go follow you over there too.

30.04.2021 03:57

What is your profile over there ?

30.04.2021 03:58