Kayaking with my dad on Lake Superior


This is a little marsh off the main bay. My dad is 78 and kayaks about 10 miles every day. At least when the water is calm.

This is out on the Big Water. Lake Superior Canada.


We have been kayaking together every summer for the past 20 years, when we bought our 1st kayaks. We have about 9 kayaks at the Camp now since everyone enjoys paddling out on the Big Lake. It's a lot of fun when everyone is out at the same time, kids, grand kids and great grandkids... and we make a big trip out to Jolly Island for a picnic.....


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Looks like an awesome experience for you both

Enjoy ♥️✌️

02.08.2019 13:43

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02.08.2019 15:26

Beautiful family traditions. I used to go with my dad and brother to canoe Lake Temegami in Ontario for a week in the summer and seeing those (surprisingly slippery) rocks and pebbled beach brings back a lot of memories.

02.08.2019 17:43

Yeah, I love skimming over these pebbled shorelines in the kayak. We can go so many places that are impossible with larger boats.

03.08.2019 04:20