How to make a TON of $$$ with the #Newsteem Hardfork HF21 changes

Ok .... I figured out a way to make a ton of $$$ Steem (actually SBD, Steem Dollars) from the changes to Steemit with Hardfork HF21

You want to only Upvote the very best content that will receive over $20 Steem after 5 minutes of posting.

How do you find such posts? How can you tell the future ? Mostly by voting manually on only the very best Content. But there is also a way to do this while you are sleeping or away from your computer ...

The Plan is to Never le your Steem Power sit idle at 100% Voting Power.

I knoow a way to maxiize your 50/50 Curation Rewards and will be testing over the next few days.

Leave me a comment below if you are interested to learn how.

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Here is a secret hint for those that read my comments:

28.08.2019 12:43

Of course I would love to maximize my curation rewards.

28.08.2019 18:37

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28.08.2019 18:37