Be careful if you buy ENJ tokens on Atomic Wallet

Ethereum fees are getting ridiculous.

I had a few ENJ tokens I wanted to trade for some Dogecoin on Atomic Wallet this morning.

Atomic Wallet says I need 23 Ethereum to exchange 28 ENJ tokens ...

That’s about $41,000 USD .

I guess I won’t be exchanging my ENJ tokens any time soon.


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It's putting a lot of people in a tough place for sure. Ethereum is basically worthless at this point. The weird thing is it is one of my biggest positions but I moved most of it to the Binance Smart Chain where I earn a return from it and can actually move it around. There have been a lot of times when I have wanted to sell out of most of it but I just know how people will pile into it thinking it will cure cancer and save the whales. That is why I hold on to it.

08.03.2021 20:31

I try to convert my Ethereum to BTC, BNB and Blurt on the dips.

08.03.2021 20:50