Deep in Suburbia Canada ... after the ice storm. Ice hockey on the driveway.


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Comments 5

What a absolutely cool video. I love it ♡

27.12.2019 23:43

Thanks... my 15 year old son filmed and edited this on his iPad with iMovie.

27.12.2019 23:59

Impressive I think there slumbers talent. Great if he can get excited about it.

28.12.2019 00:02

Yeah... I told him I was going out to get the recycling bins at the end of the driveway but it was really icy after we had freezing rain all morning .... so he told me put on my skates and he’d make a movie,

28.12.2019 00:12
0! really works!..hope the storm left only ‘good’ traces behind wishes..

28.12.2019 00:28