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I am that kinda guy that like to come In with an entrance, I like centre of attention, in short I feel good about myself when the spot light is on me, I won’t lie like my number one attraction is women of course and women like a man that is wanted by every girl so like leaving me with your girl could be the biggest mistake of your life because your girl might dump you hanging with a trouble maker like me, you will be coming from the restroom struggling with your zipper, and she’d be ready to let you go like, (snapping fingers) hey are you crazy, you got him as a friend, really, we have to break up, am sorry am afraid you going to have him as your best man at our wedding and we can’t have that, and oh am going home with him, but you can’t blame me because you left me with her, also you can’t blame her coz am very interesting, so let it go and watch that ass walk away like it’s the sun set, coz you have to admit, that is a beautiful sight, you hate to let her go but you love to watch leave. when that happens ma dog just know that I know you gona hate me and I know you gone forgive me and I’m the one to forgive you last coz I’d be making you apologize for being angry with me in the first place, I’d be like what would you have done and don’t try and deny it coz if she wants you back she can have you back simply coz women have the power, the cookie has got magical powers, you have to agree fellas they do something to us when they wave that wand but I would understand if you left me with the four’s and fives, I really won’t do anything, but anything above average is what am trying to cash in the sack, , I’ll be talking to her with my legs open like am the one to offer a cookie, like behave you dirty girl or you sleeping alone tonight. Man are the victims of that conversation, she’ll be there, like its so soon for us to start having sex now baby and if I go through with it you wont respect me, but you know his not giving up that easily right, he’s there like, come on babe, I love you, you are the one and only, babe I’m so horny, feel it, touch it, oh! Are you going to leave your man like this, shit blue balls, oh girl my dick looks like it had been attacked by hormones.

well is it funny

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