I remember South Africa

when i made this video, i was thinking of the stories i was told growing up, and how people treated each other before and how people are treating each other now,there is a huge difference even in respect, its rare to find somebody that is kind and humble and wants nothing from you but to help you whatever way you need, today chances are you will never find that kind of person, if you think you have you still cannot be a 100% sure, you have to lookout because that person could be using you, today people use each other so much that its difficult to trust or be trusted, everyone thinks that you have an agenda. Again I wrote this because the relationship that we have with out government is the same thing, they use us to get votes then spend money on themselves while millions of people are suffering and jobless, this creates more crime, making South Africa an unsafe country to live in. Well please lie and comment if you have any thoughts or questions pertaining the subject and i will do my best to answer, lets change our country for the better, lets do what we can from our current positions. Thank you for you time.

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