him talking to her

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My love, out of every one in the world, speaking of people who scare me the
most, you are the first to make me tremble in fear, because now I have
found love with you, you are the only one I want to feel love from,
anything else don't matter, when I see you smile you make me feel like I am
in heaven, and I like it there, that's why I always want to make you smile,
because heaven is where I always want to be, it's not at all what I
imagined, it's even better, I mean any place with you in it, it has to be
heaven, I can feel envy coming from other man, so forgive me when I flex,
it's just that I know what I have is golden, When I look inside your eyes I
just get lost in them, but I purposely look into to your eyes just to get
lost in there, because I know happiness lives in there, how else would you
recognize butterflies and flowers the seven colored rainbow I see when I
think I feel your soul, the immense energy you give to me, I feel it in my
stomach, the confidence born inside,. you complete my sentences and every
breath i take is to please you, because without you i couldn't breath, baby
your presence compliments me, because without you, i don't know what I am
really doing here, without you am useless, i have nothing to live for,
without you, death is an option because i don't want to live, if i have to
live without you. because you are my compliment, the rib that was carved
out of me since the beginning of time, since Adam and Eve, i am Adam and
your' are my Eve, when i heard you call my name, i could only think, she
sounds so sweet, i imagined that if it was tangible it would tastes like
honey, I know it would taste like honey because the first time I heard it,
automatically I felt happy, and I know it's honey because she said it to
get my attention, like honey, its like her vocal cords were created with
honey or something sweet, then I turned around like hi honey, because she's
my honey, she is the sweetest, she is my queen, her name is osie.

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