I'm trying to say let us be happy, am trying to say that we all deserve happiness, I believe heaven to be a moment of happiness where you're trouble free, I believe that we can all go to heaven, so you have to understand that the same happiness that you want, you have to want it for me too, so teach me how to be happy, dont allow your self to be a hypocrite, lets not make factual examples that allows the next person to point a finger, lets change for the better, be an example, allow your self to love, allow yourself to feel and be loved, dont let your past make an excuse for the love that you can give and receive, be a commander of your own thoughts, teach your self how to think, teach your mind what to think, happiness is just at our finger tips, its not an illusion or a mirage, that great heavenly feeling that you feel in your heart when you happy can always be felt if you chose, because happiness is a choice, you would never feel that way if you invite negative thoughts in your mind, because thats what you train it to think, now train it to think happy, remember that you dont have to feel anything else other than happiness.

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