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Four years a beautiful couple staying together and very much inlove with each other, one day they both decide that they are getting married, they are very excited starting a life together, one day the soon to be married couple, the wife decides to throw a surprise party for the soon to be husband, the soon to be husband is unaware of these plans and shows up with his plants on the floor and kissing another women, taking off her panties, opens the door and throws her panties as everybody screams surprise, then the panty lands on his never to be wife’s face. He tries to apologize immediately as he look around, finds women giggling. The galfriend leaves with embarrassment and every day as he tries making for it he finds himself on the corner with women surrounding him, he does not understand why all of a sudden wherever he goes women are offering themselves to him, one day while he surfs the net he gets an e-mail, that reads bruce has a huge cock, he clicks on the link and finds tons of conversations about his cock, he’s overwhelmed and realizes that he has not touched his phone in days, when he switches his phone on he finds tons of messages and voice messages, he gets in the shower and replies to his first message…

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